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Hello, there! I'm Carri.

Improve your health, one simple change at a time. 


Happy to meet you!
I'm glad you found me :)

Whether you are beginning your plant-based journey or have been vegan for years, you may be thinking,

"Where do I start?" 

"How can I make vegetables taste good?"

"What do I replace meat/dairy/processed foods with?"


Or perhaps you're thinking you don't have time to eat healthy and learn new recipes...


Regardless of where you are in your journey, if you want healthy living to be simpler, you are in the right place.  


How I Can Help You

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching


Free Resources

Looking for meal inspiration?


Check out the blog for recipes, meal planning and healthy living tips!

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Download my free recipe book here! 

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About Me

I wasn't always excited about cooking and clean eating. Many moons ago, I was part of the "low fat craze" and "exercise-like-mad to burn off yesterday's cupcake club." 


Now I have a healthy relationship with food - eating food that fuels my body and leaves me feeling energized - while decreasing animal suffering and the impact on our environment. Let me show you how eating more plant based can be easy and delicious!


If you would rather spend a little time getting healthy now instead of spending your time being sick later.... let's get you moving in that direction!